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SolarWorld: Highly Attractive to Young Talents

SolarWorld AG is a preferred employer among young employees and students! Multiple studies have shown that most young people choose an employer based on whether it offers an intellectual challenge in the field and whether sustainability and a sense of responsibility are important aspects of its vision.

According to current studies, SolarWorld meets precisely the expectations young engineers have of a potential employer: the combination of an interesting future-oriented industry and acceptance of social responsibility. It invests considerable energy in attracting and retaining young staff. A strong corporate culture in which values are put into practice is crucial.

This was evidenced for example by the results of the trendence Graduate Barometer 2011 conducted by Berlin’s trendence institute. The study surveyed approximately 30,000 students about their preferred employer shortly before graduation.

Young engineers are not the only ones interested in SolarWorld, however. Some 4,000 young professionals with up to eight years of professional experience also stated that they would gladly apply at SolarWorld, one of their preferred employers.

SolarWorld AG did well in the engineering edition of both studies, placing in the top 20.

Respondents outside of Germany also rated a job at SolarWorld highly. Over 200,000 students Europe-wide who were nearing graduation named SolarWorld as one of the 500 most attractive employers for the first time in the results of the European Graduate Barometer 2011, which were published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

This positive view of SolarWorld as a preferred employer among students and young professionals is underscored by surveys published in Wirtschaftswoche. Both students and young professionals rated SolarWorld as a very attractive employer. Among the preferred employers of engineering and science students, SolarWorld falls in the upper echelon of the top 20.

SolarWorld was named one of the top 50 among economists and engineers. Students at over 100 German universities and 6,700 young professionals nationwide with at least one year and no more than eight years of experience were surveyed.

SolarWorld AG was already named one of Germany’s 100 best employers by the Great Place to Work Institute Deutschland for the second time in a row in 2010. SolarWorld employees surveyed cited supervisors’ high level of confidence in their employees, the high level of fairness and the team focus within the company as positives and are proud to work at SolarWorld. More information is available from Great Place to Work.

SolarWorld will continue to focus on fostering young staff in the future. It is seeking primarily engineers in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, process engineering, materials science, physics and chemistry; IT specialists; and business administration staff. More information and current job listings for international SolarWorld AG locations are available at here