Tips for Applicants

Tips for job applicants

We would like to make it as easy as possible for you to apply for a career here at SolarWorld  so please find below some tips to assist you in the application process.

  1. Make sure that your Application is complete, detailed, informative, and specific to the role you are applying for
    Be thorough and critical when writing your application to ensure that we know as much as possible about you. We want to make the best SolarWorld career match based on your abilities, experiences, and interests so be sure to tell us how your skills match the role for which you are applying. More detail is better! Ensure that all relevant information and professional references are included in your application packet.

  2. Error-Free Application
    When finished, review your application one more time - very critically. Make sure that it doesn’t contain any spelling or grammar mistakes.

  3. How did you hear about SolarWorld?
    We would like to know where you have seen our job advertised. If your application was unsolicited, how did you learn about us?

  4. German or English language?

    • In Germany; (Bonn and Freiberg locations): German or English language is written/spoken
    • USA, Qatar, South Africa, or Singapore locations: English is written/spoken
    • France, Spain or Italy locations: English or German is written/spoken

  5. Where can I apply for open jobs at SolarWorld?
    Because we are an ecological-friendly company we are only accepting applications/CV’s via our online career portal(s). Please find below links to all the SolarWorld Career portals;

    • For jobs located in Bonn, Germany; Spain, France, Qatar, or South Africa please apply via our career portal located here
    • For jobs located in Freiberg, Germany please contact us via email or snail mail to: Freiberg Careers
    • For jobs located in the USA please submit your application via the SolarWorldUSA online candidate portal located here SolarWorldUSA Careers Portal