Counterproposals and nominations

Petitions and nominations pursuant to Sections 126 and 127 AktG

Counterproposals against a proposal by the Management Board and Supervisory Board regarding a specific agenda item, which must be accompanied by a reason, as well as nominations must be addressed only to:

SolarWorld AG
Investor Relations Department
Martin-Luther-King-Str. 24
53175 Bonn, Germany
Fax: +49 (0) 228/55920-9470

Counterproposals and nominations addressed differently are not considered.

Subject to Section 126 (2) and (3) German Stock Corporation Act (AktG), the company will publish shareholders' proposals for resolutions and/or counterproposals to be made public, including the name of the shareholder and reasons that must be made public on this website after such proposals or counterproposals have been received. Here, all counterproposals and nominations received by

June 18, 2017
(midnight, 24:00 hours)

at the latest at the address, fax number or email address above are considered. Possible statements from the administration are also published on this website.

We note that proposed resolutions and/or counterproposals that have been provided to the company in advance in a timely manner are only considered during the Annual General Meeting, if they are made orally during the Annual General Meeting.

The right of each shareholder to submit proposed resolutions and/or counterproposals to agenda items without prior timely provision to the company is not affected.

Counterproposals/petitions, nominations to be published:

We have not yet received any counterproposals/petitions or nominations pursuant to Sections 126 and 127 AktG.