Amendments to the agenda

Amendments to the agenda pursuant to section 122 (2) AktG

Pursuant to Section 122 (2) German Stock Corporation Act (AktG), shareholders whose collective shares are a twentieth of the capital stock (€ 744,800.00) or are the pro-rated amount of € 500,000.00, can require that items be put on the agenda and be made public. Each new item must be accompanied by reasons or a proposed resolution. The request must be addressed in writing to the company’s Management Board and must arrive at the latest 30 days before the Annual General Meeting, that is at the latest by the end of

June 2, 2017
(midnight 24:00 hours)

Please send corresponding requests to the following address:

Management Board of SolarWorld Aktiengesellschaft
Martin-Luther-King-Str. 24
53175 Bonn, Germany

The requesting parties must provide evidence that they have owned a sufficient number of shares for the statutory minimum ownership period of 90 days and that they are holding these shares until a decision about their request has been made.

Amendments to the agenda to be made public – unless already made public with the convocation – are promptly published in the German Federal Gazette and are forwarded to such media for publication as can be assumed to distribute the information across the entire European Union. They are also made public on this website (in German).

Amendments to the agenda to be made public: 

We have not yet received any amendments to the agenda pursuant to Section 122 (2) AktG.