Numbers and Data:

Cell production capacity:
700 megawatts

Module production capacity:
200 megawatts



SolarWorld Industries Thüringen GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Str. 1
99310 Arnstadt

Phone: 49-3628-6644-0


With public transportation:
We are located on the Robert-Bosch-Str. 1 in Arnstadt. You can reach us from the Arnstadt station with the bus line D 345, end station Gewerbegebiet Thörey (Industrial Area Thörey). Please disembark at the stop Bosch. You will find yourself directly in front of the site of SolarWorld Industries Thüringen.

By car:
We are located on the Robert-Bosch-Str. 1 in Arnstadt. You can also enter Wolff-Knippenberg-Strasse 2 in your GPS.  Please refer to the map below for the exact route to the Arnstadt site.

Here drawing (street map) analog



The SolarWorld site in Arnstadt, Thuringia

The location in Arnstadt, Germany, became part of the SolarWorld group in March 2014 providing comprehensive know-how in photovoltaics. Solar products have been produced in the Thuringian city since 2001, which makes it one of the oldest locations of PV-manufacturing in Europe.

At its site in the Ruslan-Kibizov-Straße, SolarWorld Industries Thüringen GmbH produces monocrystalline ingots using the Czochralski process: From a seed crystal, melted silicon is crystallized in the shape of a round mono ingot. Crystal pulling is the preliminary step of producing monocrystalline solar wafers, which follows at SolarWorld’s site in Freiberg, Saxony. The nameplate capacity for ingots in Arnstadt is 500 megawatts.

At the larger of its two sites, in the Robert-Bosch-Straße 1, SolarWorld Industries Thüringen GmbH produces high-efficiency solar cells and modules. In a highly modern complex of buildings, this site comprises a name-plate capacity of 700 megawatts for cells and 200 megawatts for modules. This location clearly concentrates on high-tech and high power: Here, SolarWorld produces monocrystalline PERC high-efficiency cells (passivated emitter rear cells) and monocrystalline high-efficiency modules in the XL format with 72 cells, which use five busbars and have a capacity of 300 watts.

Solar cells from the green heart of Germany

At the heart of every solar module are the solar cells. Cells produce the useable electricity that is either consumed on-site or fed into the public grid. Because a high-quality solar cell ensures high energy yields in the long term, quality matters. At SolarWorld, we count on experience: We have produced monocrystalline solar cells at our site in Thuringia for 17 years.

XL solar modules from Arnstadt

The Sunmodule SW 315 XL comes from Arnstadt. This 72-cell module is the largest solar panel in SolarWorld’s portfolio and is manufactured in one of our fully automated production facilities. At 22 kilograms, the module is surprisingly lightweight, and is well-suited for ground-mounted systems. The Sunmodule SW 315 XL can be installed with either SolarWorld Sunfix frame technology or any other locally preferred ground-mount racking system.

Link to solar panel data sheet


Peter Genczyk

Peter Genczyk has been with SolarWorld since 2006. In the developing solar industry, much was still in its infancy. SolarWorld did not yet have a Corporate Controlling department. This was first initiated by the graduate economist from Bochum, Germany. Peter Genczyk is an expert when it comes to difficult transitional phases in companies. Before his time at SolarWorld, he spent several years at the engineering company GEA Group AG dealing with restructuring, acquiring and merging subsidiaries – experience he calls upon as managing director of SolarWorld Industries Thüringen. In his dual function as head controller of SolarWorld AG and managing director in Arnstadt, he commutes between the Rhineland and Thuringia. A native of Bochum, he is passionate about the home team VfL and the music of local star Herbert Grönemeyer.

Klaus Kubitz

Klaus Kubitz joined the SolarWorld group in 2006. The Berliner began as head of production at Freiberg’s solar cell production plant. From 2009 until his move to Arnstadt in early 2014, he served as managing director of production at the Freiberg SolarWorld company Deutsche Cell GmbH. Before the renewable energy industry became his professional home, Klaus Kubitz spent a great deal of time working on color picture tubes. After his training as an Electronic Technician, he studied at the School of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering in Berlin. He worked as a technologist, head of Maintenance, head of Production and finally as head of Technology at Werk für Fernsehelektronik Berlin, a television factory owned by Samsung, beginning in 1992. Since March 2014, Klaus Kubitz has been managing director of SolarWorld Industries Thüringen GmbH and in this position is responsible for production.

History of the site

1997 ErSol Solarstrom GmbH & Co. KG
2001 Converted to ersol Solar Energy AG
2001 ASi Industries GmbH founded
2006 ASi Industries GmbH acquired by ersol Solar Energy AG
2007 Production began at Cell Fab 2 in Arnstadt
2008 ersol Solar Energy AG caquired by Robert Bosch GmbH and Arnstadt site expansion began
2009 Construction began atCell Fab 3 ersol Solar Energy AG renamed Bosch Solar Energy AG
July 2010 Cell Fab 3 commissioned
Nov. 2010 Module production plant commissioned
July 2011 Industrial complex with cell, wafer and module production; research and development center; technical-commercial training center and administrative headquarters completed
March 2014 SolarWorld AG acquires cell and module production from Bosch Solar Energy AG.New company name: SolarWorld Industries Thüringen GmbH
March 2015 Restart of ingot production at the Ruslan-Kibizov-Straße