Our Vision

Strengthened by our pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation, we – as an international group – drive the continuous growth of solar power production.

Harnessing the unlimited power of the sun is the key to protecting the world’s resources and climate. Decentralized solar technology is safe for humans and the environment and offers people all over the world the opportunity to embrace sustainable development.

Sustainability lies at the core of all our business activities. We – the global SolarWorld Team – are committed to supporting our colleagues, improving the satisfaction of our customers, and taking responsibility for our entrepreneurial success as well as our society and the environment.

The vision of SolarWorld has accompanied Frank Asbeck since the founding of the company. He was moved by one main goal: Using innovative solar technology, everyone should be able to produce their own power regardless of where in the world they are.

This basic idea has driven the SolarWorld employees ever since. They use their innovative power and passion every day to develop the best solutions with which our customers can produce their own clean electricity using the power of the sun.

Our vision connects us around the world to a global team. And it is an important companion in our daily work. It makes SolarWorld a special company and embodies our strengths. The company's strategy and goals are oriented on our vision.

SolarWorld stands for quality, innovation and sustainability. With our work, we assume responsibility and are making the world a little better with our products.