Only in SolarWorld quality lies so much technological expertise

In 2016, we are looking back on over 40 years of experience in solar technology development and production. SolarWorld combines our expertise with the knowledge contributed by renowned companies to deliver mature, high-quality technology.

Right back in 1975, Bill Yerkes, the forefather of modern solar technology, founded his company Solar Technology International with the vision of making solar energy a mass-market product that would be affordable for everyone. In the decades that followed, many leading companies followed in his footsteps along the path to using solar energy as a clean and reliable energy source. With their significant research and development efforts, these companies contributed to the ongoing technological development of solar energy.

We have pooled the knowledge contributed by these renowned companies and combined it with our own strong research and development. That is why today the brand SolarWorld stands for quality that is a global leader. With pioneering spirit and passion, we develop SolarWorld quality on an ongoing basis. In this way, we provide Real Value to our customers that pays off in the long term.


With our expertise, innovative strength and over 40 years of technology experience, we work to create products and services that provide Real Value. Our customers can rely on individual smart solutions with incredibly high performance, on SolarWorld quality standards, on service that is now and will into the future continue to be readily available. In short, they can count on Real Value in the long term!

Quality is measurable: We constantly
test the quality of our products.
Various independent test facilities regularly award us top marks.