Solar Wafers

Solar wafer production of SolarWorld

Learn about how our Freiberg facility produces wafers from silicon in the video.

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Solar wafer

The main product for solar cells

In the second production step, highly pure silicon is melted into blocks at 1,410 degrees Celsius and it then hardens. These blocks are then formed into square columns. These columns are cut into extremely thin slices, or wafers, using state-of-the-art wire-cutting technology. After cleaning and thorough final testing, the monocrystalline and polycrystalline wafers form the basis for the production of solar cells.

The SolarWorld subsidiary, Deutsche Solar GmbH, produces solar wafers at the Freiberg site. This facility is one of the largest manufacturers of polycrystalline solar silicon wafers. The Solsix brand wafers produced in Freiberg are not just further processed to solar cells within the SolarWorld group, but also by numerous external solar cell manufacturers worldwide.

Wafers are also produced at our production site in Hillsboro in the USA. The focus at this facility, however, is solely on monocrystalline technologies. The expertise utilized here forms the basis for the leading technological role of SolarWorld in the USA. 


The highly pure silicon is poured into a coated mold made of highly pure quartz material and melted at temperatures of more than 1,400 degrees Celsius. Only a single crystal is pulled from the melted silicon mass during the production of monocrystalline wafers. In the production of polycrystalline wafers, the liquid silicon mass hardens and thousands of small crystallines are formed into a block. The blocks created this way are then cut into square columns in the next step.